Owen a Doodle

Socialization and Environmental Conditioning

A Goldendoodle puppy frolicking along the riverbank in Washington State.

Socialization and Environmental Conditioning

A brown Goldendoodle basks in the sunshine, lounging contentedly near a quaint fence.

In our home, we prioritize preparing our puppies for a wide range of future environments. We do most of the preparation work for you. Our aim is to prepare the puppy for its new home. This could be with a family, an adventurous person, or as a service dog. We want it to be confident and a great addition to its new home.  This preparation is not only a success in our view, but it’s also crucial for their lives.

We believe that children are excellent at socializing puppies. Our four boys engage with the puppies daily, ensuring each one becomes well-rounded in essential and foundational ways. We raise the puppies in our home, exposing them to various situations each day. This exposure prepares them for success in their future homes.

Classroom Étiquette

Helping our puppies learn good calm behavior is a must in our home. It’s so wonderful for kids to have a puppy in the classroom while they work.

Sensory Exposure​

Our Goldendoodle puppies are raised in our family home, following the intentional ‘bad ass breeder program.’ This approach puts our puppies ahead of others. From the age of three days until they leave for their new homes at eight weeks, we follow a carefully planned sensory and evaluation routine. We do this by exposing the puppy to different smells in the environment and home. We also get it used to being touched and hearing different sounds.

They are constantly being exposed to all sorts of household and environmental noises, being handled by different people of all ages, sex and race, trained to confidently overcome physical obstacles, experience different floor surfaces, experience car rides, and so much more.

We believe that the first eight weeks of your new puppies life should be packed full of confidence building experiences solidifying that the world is safe, dogs are good and people are kind. When we do this for our puppies, they will go home with you well prepared and then can fully focus on their new family and all life and forever love has to offer them. This is truly beautiful……..

The result confident dog in an adventure filled world