Owen a Doodle

Our Furbabies


Mango is a furnished, F1b (74.6% Poodle/25.2% Golden), she’s an 8/10 for red intensity. FI, light shedding 65#, Goldendoodle, genetic tested through Embark and OFA cleared for Hip, eye, elbow patella and heart. ​More than that, she’s an absolute treasure to have in our home. ​She is beyond tolerant in every possible way, eager to please, smart, incredibly loyal and loves kids!


Kanooper is a Furnished (FI), ​F3 (76.4% Poodle/23.6%Golden), 55#, multigenerational Goldendoodle and let’s just say….what a charmer!!! He’s is not only playful and curious, but he’s always being silly and making us laugh. He’s incredibly smart, ​gentle and loves playing games with our kids. His coat traits are; BbEe-KBky, wavy and light to no shedding, see Embark for full results. He is also OFA cleared for heart, hip, elbow, patella and elbow


Lucy is a Furnished (FI), ​F1 (50% Poodle/50%Golden), she’s 6/10 red intensity. 45#, Goldendoodle and she has an amazing personality!!! She’s always wanting to join in the fun, has a high confidence level and high nerve strength resilience. She has high workability traits and is always trying to please and she is always happy. Her coat traits are, wavy and light to no shedding, and has a smaller body size. She is also OFA cleared ​for elbow, heart, patella and hips.


12lb Micro-Mini Multigenerational Goldendoodle He’s Ee KBky atat SS Bb FF +/- Clear except for one copy of IVDD but NO CDPA He may only be 12 lbs but he’s a ball of fun and keeps up with the kids and big dogs alike. He has high workability, great confidence, low prey drive, and is highly touch tolerant. He’s going to be an amazing little stud and a great father to our upcoming Mini-Goldendoodle litters.


64.9% Standard Poodle
35.1% Golden Retriever
She has clear genetics, BbEe 4/6 intensity, KBky, ayat, Ssp, FI, Light shedding, (TT) long silky (CT)wavy coat.
Raising our dogs the “Badass Breeder” way means we provide a structured curriculum to ensure that puppies learn the world is safe, people are ​kind, and dogs are friendly.​

We focus on quality dogs going to well matched quality homes.