Owen a Doodle


brown Goldendoodle posing with family near a river in Washington

We love our ​ "fur baby" families so much! ​ Thanks for being their furever homes!

Kody is a truly gifted, kind, professional breeder who works so hard to develop really good puppies...both genetically and behaviorally (and they are SO cute too!) After an extensive interview, we got to know Kody, her process, and her approach, and she got to learn about us and the home we could provide for one of her puppies. We picked up our sweet boy - Kenji - when he was 3 months old (the last one to go and definitely the best one ) and Kody had prepared him so well for his forever home. All of her early training made our lives so much easier (Kenji included). He settled in immediately and we followed all of her recommendations and kept up on her training regimen and today, Kenji is one of the smartest, friendliest, most flexible, easy to train dogs we have ever had. Thank you Owen-a-Doodle for giving us our Kenji! Our lives are richer because of you and him!
~Kim Fiske
I had the best experience with Kody as a breeder. She was very understanding, personable, and was easy to work with when it came to adopting a puppy. Owen-a-doodle always made me feel connected to the litter I was adopting from because of her video updates that she posts frequently. From the day the puppies are born until adoption day, Kody is constantly working with the puppies, exposing them to multiple environments, sounds, and sensory stimulations. She also takes the time to start training right away; our dog was crate trained before we picked her up! We always get compliments on how well trained our dog is, how social and calm she is and how she is not nervous or scared of anything and I believe it’s really thanks to Kody and who she is as a breeder. If you want a gorgeous doodle with the best personality, adopt from Owen-a-doodle!
~Megan Crotty, Florida
Best breeder! I don’t think we could love our dog more than we do. Everywhere we go we get compliments on him. They can’t get over his size and how SMART he is. This comes down to the breeder and the test she runs. Worth every penny and we will be getting another doodle from her, and recommending her to everyone who is looking! Thank you for our baby!our dog was crate trained before we picked her up! We always get compliments on how well trained our dog is, how social and calm she is and how she is not nervous or scared of anything and I believe it’s really thanks to Kody and who she is as a breeder. If you want a gorgeous doodle with the best personality, adopt from Owen-a-doodle!
~​Katie Passerella
First time getting a family dog, and we had a great experience working with Kody. Communication and everything worked great. She is very friendly and provided plenty of information to help us to receive Nola and make her transition to the new home smoothly as she could. Our Nola is healthy, smart, and she has become part of our family. Never seen a puppy learn so quickly, either. She had the potty training down in one week and learned a lot of tricks without training. She is extremely curious, observant, and loving with us. I got really sick a few weeks ago, and my husband wasn't at home. She doesn't bark much, but she would go downstairs, bark to the door, and come back to check on me. When my husband arrived, she ran away downstairs and started to bark at him and call him to follow her upstairs. We were in shock at how she treated me after that. She spent full time with me for three days, and whenever my fever was higher, she would call or wake him up. Nola becomes part of the family, our personal guard, and our hero! We really appreciate all of Kody's care for her, she is always tracking how she is going. She really cares about her puppies. I couldn't ask for a better breeder. If we had a bigger space, we wouldn't think twice about getting another dog from her breeder.
Naiade Garcia ~ WA
We found the best breeder in the world. Owen-a-Doodle…..the owner Kody is a amazing breeder and knows her stuff. We got our first Goldendoodle “Bella” 6 months ago and we just love her so much.. she is pure black and her coat is amazing… She looks like a little black bear. She is so loving and smart. We feel so fortunate to have found Kody.
~Angila Pierce, WA
​We had the most amazing experience getting our two dogs Rocky and Diamond from two different litters from the Owen family. A few things that stand out to us is, how well they train their own personal dogs and how their dogs interacted with the puppies. In addition, Kody knew all the puppies and their personalities so well she did an amazing job pairing us with the perfect dogs based off of the information we shared with her regarding our lifestyle and the type of traits we were looking for. She couldn’t have picked two better dogs for us. Kody made getting a dog for the first time an amazing experience. She is a high communicator, and asked us a lot of questions so she could help us pick the best dog/dogs for our lifestyle. She also gave us so many training tips that we still use today. Rocky and Diamond were also well started in obedience, very easy to train and very smart. ​They are the best dogs and we love them very much!
-BJ & Faith Breon Arlington, WA
We are so happy that you bred our two beautiful girls for our family. We came looking for one puppy and they were so perfect that we left with two! They are healthy, happy, and ten years olds now.
-Patrice Jenson Covington, WA
Justin and Kody are some of the best pet owners that I know. Their care goes above and beyond what typical pet owners do with their pets. Not only do they make sure their animals are physically healthy but mentally healthy as well. They do this by providing them safe, fun, and happy environments which is clearly evident anytime you’re around them and their pets. Kody has always been available to me personally to share her knowledge and mentorship so that I can provide the same consideration and love to my pets. Their dogs produce happy and healthy dogs because that’s who they are and that's what they put into their dogs. ​I would give them 100 stars if I could!
-Kara Gilles ​Maple Valley, WA
I got my beloved dogs, Gretta and Lucy from ​Justen and Kody and they are 10 & 1/2 years old now! I had a wonderful experience and I ​couldn’t love my fur-babies more!
-Alexa Leigh Gig Harbor, WA
​“I am so glad I went through this breeder. ​My smart and silly pup is healthy as ever; a testament to the quality of their dogs. Kody has an amazing ability to match the owner and dog perfectly! My dog’s personality and demeanor is perfect for me and the experience was so professional!”
-Dan McCabe
We got Todd from Kody about a week ago and he’s adjusting so well and is such an incredible puppy. The temperament\behavior assessment really helped us with being matched with a perfect puppy. Kody‘s training for the first eight weeks is so noticeable! All her hard work with the litter and introducing new sounds\textures\kids\everything…is so important and makes such a difference compared to other litters, especially with being ​such an important time of their lives. Her hard work is so appreciated and Todd is the best boy.
-Natalie Jo, Wa
Kody paired us with the perfect pup for our lifestyle and home. We picked up Diddy about two weeks ago and she has just completely been a blessing from the minute I picked her up. She is so smart and playful, yet she still maintains a calm, gentle and loving persona. It shows how much work they put in; Diddy does so well with people, kids, loud noises, and even went into her crate on her own the first time she came home! It was such a great experience meeting Kody and getting a puppy from her. I am already excited for the day we can get a bigger house so we can get another Goldendoodle from the Owen family! Kody continues to give me guidance anytime I need it, and I am just so grateful to have found her.
-Trinity Goodman, LA CA

Finding a home...

I find such joy in knowing that year after year, our dogs continue to be loved and give love to their ”Fur-ever”” families! ​We love you all, ​ Kody