Owen a Doodle
Temperament and Personality Evaluation

How do you pick your perfect puppy? Do you pick the cute puppy, let your puppy “pick you”, a girl, or a boy…?

There are a lot of tips and tricks out there, but we do something special with our puppies to help this “picking process”.
We believe in giving our puppies a voice by doing our very best to figure out who they are. When puppies are 7 weeks old, an independent tester evaluates their personality and temperament.

This process reveals each puppy’s unique traits. It helps us find the perfect puppy for each family, ensuring a wonderful match.

Using an elite scientific Protocol and a Certified Evaluator we test and evaluate these traits.

Puppy Evaluations

  • Human Assertiveness.
  • Confidence Level; or the puppy’s belief in their own abilities to approach new situations.
  • Motivation Level; or an intrinsic desire to work for and with a human. This can also be called their workability.
  • Nerve Strength Resilience; or the ability to handle and manage stress in reaction to situations
  • Touch Tolerance
  • Energy Level.
  • Sound Sensitivity
  • Site Sensitivity.
  • Prey Drive, not to be confused with “Play Drive”.
  • Human Focus/Pack Drive.
  • Tenderhearted evaluation; used to test for service dogs or ESA qualities.
  • Dog Friendliness and or Dog Assertiveness.

For more detailed information see the attached YouTube video below: